Corporate Social Responsibility

Liofilchem’s Triple Bottom Line


Environmental Social Economic



Ethics are an essential pillar of our business. Legality, honesty, integrity responsibility and transparency represent fundamental values for Liofilchem which define and guide the company’s operations at all levels. We believe that only behaviour which is aligned to those values leads us to work for the common good. Liofilchem uses an Ethical Code, our “Constitutional Charter”, that drives the company’s social interactions. This Ethical Code defines the values which are integral to the company culture. It dictates the conduct and inspires the behaviour of all who act in the interests of the company as well as that of our stakeholders. Our performance both inside and outside the organisation is driven by this code.


ISO 45001 Certification

In order to provide best practice Health and Safety at Work for our employees and improve our performance we have implemented a health and safety management system which conforms to the requirements of the ISO 45001 standard and meets the specification for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Environmental Responsibility

Public health is a key concern for Liofilchem and to be consistent with our company values we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Liofilchem pursues environmental sustainability through a number of initiatives which include covering the entire manufacturing plant with solar panels. As a result of this initiative he majority of Liofilchem products are manufactured using renewable energy. Considerable attention is paid to the environment throughout the production and packaging stages of manufacture. For many years we have followed the principles of “green logistics”, reducing non-recyclable components in product packaging and digitalising the entire logistical pathway. Our attention to the environment includes saving and recycling paper. At Liofilchem documents are stored electronically and only printed when absolutely necessary. Sheets of paper that have been printed on one side are subsequently reused for handwritten notes. We expect our employees to switch off lights, computers and other equipment the end of the working day or in case of prolonged absence and further reduced energy consumption by installing movement sensors that automatically turn on the lights only when people are present in certain areas of our premises.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility at Liofilchem goes far beyond profit maximisation. It includes meeting the expectations of many stakeholders and indeed the entire community.


Liofilchem is committed to human rights and supports a number of activities that improve the fortunes of underprivileged people. In promoting the education of healthcare workers and the setting up of new laboratories we help improve health outcomes in poorer parts of the world. We support a number of human rights organisations, including Médecins Sans Frontières and UNICEF as well as BARNARDS ( for which Liofilchem is a partner with supplies of its products for several campaigns in developing countries.


Support for the Elderly and the Handicapped

Self sufficiency can be hard for the elderly and the handicapped to achieve. Liofilchem contributes towards addressing the needs of the disadvantaged and ease their path to mobility by supporting PMG Italia SpA (, an association whose objective is improved mobility for the handicapped. We also support several organisations which provide transport for people with various disabilities in our home town, Roseto degli Abruzzi, and its surrounding communities.

Sustaining Sport

Liofilchem recognises in sport activities at all levels, professional and amateur, male and female, youth and senior, the basic values of the moral conduct of its own organisation: loyalty, compliance with the rules, team work, a sense of belonging, competition, respect for opponents, acknowledgment of merit, integration across social class, race or culture. Liofilchem sponsors many sports organisations in its territory, including Pescara Calcio in the Serie B and ASD Pineto in the Serie D National Football Leagues and Pallacanestro Roseto in the National Basketball B League.

Economic and environmental support of the local community

Liofilchem is deeply rooted in its own locality, from which it draws its resources and competences. We benefit the region not only by contributing to the local economy through our use of suppliers of products and services for the manufacture of our diagnostic products, we also support the tourist economy of Roseto degli Abruzzi, Liofilchem’s home town. Recognising the town’s importance as the economic and tourist centre of the entire local community Liofilchem gives back to this community through environmental responsibility and its care for biodiversity such as the adoption of the palm trees that line Roseto degli Abruzzi’s main seafront avenue.


Economic Responsibility

Our economic and financial objectives are to generate a profit from satisfying our clients’ needs while advancing diagnostic microbiology. Our ultimate corporate objectives are to ensure business continuity and improve employment and welfare in the local community.