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Mueller Hinton agar and fastidious broth
HEAR, RPMI, World AMR Congress
Agar Dilution, Chromatic CRE
new ComASP® Benzylpenicillin and MH-F Broth
RapidResa NP® test, Chromatic Clostridium difficile, AST canister pack
Chromatic Super CAZ/AVI, Rapid ESBL NP test, Cefiderocol disk h
HEAR, Chromatic MH, Mycoplasma System Plus
RapidResa NP® test, Cefiderocol MTS™, Chromatic Colistin
ComASP Colistin, RPMI agar, Anaerobe System
Agar Dilution, VTM, Chromatic VRE
in-vitro synergy testing, OXA-48
Chromatic Super CAZ/AVI, VTM
Isavuconazole MTS™, AF Genital System
Chromatic Colistin, Mycoplasma System Plus
Fosfomycin Agar Dilution panel, Rapid ESBL NP® test
ComASP® Colistin, VTM
ComASP® Antifungal, Chromatic Colistin
RapidResa Polymyxin Acinetobacter NP® test, Rapid ESBL NP® test
Rapid ESBL NP test®, Piperacillin-tazobactam MTS™
Chromatic ESBL
Solutions for Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing
Agar Dilution and HEAR