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MTS, HEAR, Baird Parker Agar, Biological indicators
Contam Swab, VTM, Biological indicators
Pip-tazo MTS, OA Listeria, D value
Chromatic Super CAZ/AVI, B. cepacia, Listeria
Clean Test, MTS™ for ESBL, gamma-irradiated TSA and SDA
RPMI agar, EnteroPluri-Test, Culture media for cosmetic microbiology
ComASP® Oritavancin, ESC swab, biological indicators
RapidResa Polymyxin Acinetobacter NP® test, Irradiated contact plates, MOPS Buffered Listeria
Cefiderocol MIC Test Strip, CultiControl, Chromatic Bacillus cereus
Contact Slide, Chromatic CRE, Eugon LT SUP
Chromatic Coliform Agar ISO, VTM, Wash solutions for sterility testing
ESC Swab, Mycoplasma System Plus, HygiDerm
Ready-to-use Agar Dilution, TAT Broth, M-Green Yeast and Mold Agar pH modified
Rapid ESBL NP® test, MOPS Buffered Listeria, Burkholderia cepacia Selective Agar USP
World Pneumonia Day, Chromatic MH, MTS™, VTM
MTS™ Synergy Application System, Easy Dry, Biological indicators
ComASP Oritavancin, Cosmetics microbiology, Solutions for Listeria
August 2020 AF Genital System, VTM, Lockable contact plates
July 2020 ComASP, VTM, Contact Slide
June 2020 VTM
June 2020 green energy
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