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Agar Dilution Panels | AD Panels

Ready-to-use Agar Dilution panels


The new AD Fosfomycin 0.25-256 is the first and only ready-to-use commercially available kit for performing the agar dilution antimicrobial susceptibility testing, in compliance with the CLSI and EUCAST standards, with 4 months shelf life at present.




The AD Fosfomycin panel comprises 12 wells, containing the antibiotic incorporated into an agar medium in different concentrations, i.e. 11 two-fold dilutions (0.25-256 µg/mL).

Agar Dilution Panels | AD Panels

Agar Dilution Panels | AD Panels



The AD Fosfomycin 0.25-256 panel is the first of a series of agar dilution panels, which will be available as both standard and custom versions, in terms of antibiotics and concentrations.


  • Packaging 6 tests Catalog Ref. no. 77061
  • Packaging 1 test Catalog Ref. no. 77001


CE marked. Available in Europe as IVD.
In the US available as RUO device.



EUCAST photographic reading guide

CLSI photographic reading guide

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