Clean Test

Rapid test for the hygiene control of work surfaces

CLEAN TEST is a swab for the detection of protein, fat and sugar residues suitable for the check of work surfaces cleaning level.

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Metodo Clean Test


The test highlights the presence of proteinic residues and of other reducing substances on the analyzed surface. The method, based on the reaction of bicinchoninic acid (reagent A) with cupric sulfate (reagent B) in alkaline conditions, produces the complexation of Cu ions with the peptidic bonds of proteins. Such complex takes on a purple colouring directly proportional to the concentration of proteins, fats and sugars which are present on the checked surface.


A pale green, colourless or clear light grey colouring assures the proper cleaning of the analyzed surface. In case of a dark grey solution it is suggested to rinse the surface and/or repeat the test. However, if the solution turns to light or dark purple, a new cleaning cycle of the surface with suitable detergents is needed.

Ref: 86001 - Content of the package: 50 test


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